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"The Expertiza project is software to create reusable learning objects through peer review. It also supports team projects, and the submission of almost any document type, including URLs and wiki pages."


Currently, the license for this project is not final yet and it will be uploaded in a few days time.


  1. Enables students working together to improve others’ learning experiences.

  2. In Expertiza, students (or teams) sign up for different work. Now the best work can be reused, to help others learn. 

  3. Expertiza discourages plagiarism as Students are not doing the same work. Their work must go through multiple review cycle.

  4. Expertiza better utilizes scarce resources. Students do most of the reviewing and Instructor/TA spend less time grading.

  5. With Expertiza, large classes are an advantage.


Expertiza is a Ruby on Rails based application that can run on Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OS X with either InstantRails or Eclipse installed on it. For more information refer to the wiki page named 'Creating a Development Environemt for the Expertiza Application'.


  1. This Innovate webcast from July 2007 includes the rationale and a demo of the system.
  2. A six-minute interview from the 2009 Lilly Conference on College Teaching describes the goals and realization of the project. (Note: Background noise may be distracting.)
  3. This Innovate Ideagora discussion from January 2009 describes the social-networking features planned for Expertiza.   
  4. Forming and managing student teams and peer feedback in Expertiza, a presentation at the UNC TLT conference in March 2009.





This Project is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0536558. Additional funding from the NCSU Learning in a Technology-Rich Environment (LITRE) program, the NCSU Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, the NCSU STEM Initiative, and the Center for Advanced Computing and Communication.