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Dr. Gehringer gave this talk at the Purdue University in April 2009. It was about Expertiza with regards to Peer Review and Social Networking for Co-Producing Learning Objects


Expertiza: Rubric-Based Peer Assessment of Team Projects


From Class Project to Open Source: Packaging for Outside Development

POSTER : Gehringer_NECC_2009_Expertiza

Some of the future enhancements in mind for the Expertiza project are:

      1. Assigning extra credit for student doing voluntary quality reviews.

      2. Reputation based grading, based on the quality of review a student gives.
      For example this could be based on the number of high scores that the reviewer gives and then also based on the metareview.
      3. Implementing a method for doing automatic metareview, meaning that the program calculates the metareview based on some keywords and on the content of    review.